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Because action always speaks louder than words.

You Are Invited to Increase Your Energy

“If you want to design an education system that is diametrically opposed to what the brain is good at doing you would design a classroom.”

Professor John Medina. Director of the Brain Center for Applied Learning Research.

Walking is good for the body and good for the mind. This has been proven. It can help when facing life’s challenges.

Have you ever been challenged and come out smiling and energised?

For the past few weeks I have studied my energy levels and developed Walk Innovation further. Through simple techniques it is possible to energise the body through walking. Every single step can be used to generate and harness energy when one’s mind is in the right place.

I have simultaneously been burgled and had the contents of many months of work disappear on me in a moment when my computer ceased to operate. The reality of not backing up data was drilled home. Both events were challenging and happened just 5 days apart.

I have since realised how I attracted such incidents into my life.

I love Walk Innovation. It’s simple to learn, fun to do and it feels good. Anyone can do it. Learn it once and you can use it for the rest of your life.

Could you use more energy every time you walk?

I am going to share Walk Innovation with everyone as my gift to the planet. My motives are completely selfish. I want the world to be a happier place so that I can enjoy myself more.

Walk Innovation is an experience. It is an opportunity to BE in the moment. By building your energy through moving your body you will enter a state of relaxation and flow that allows amazing things to happen.

Walk Innovation can be done on your own or with a group. As a netwalking experience it’s in a league of it’s own. Quite simply it invoves walking and innovation.

I have always known that it works, I just have not been so good at explaining it. It would be like me describing a good film to you – I’m guessing that you may want to see it to experience it for yourself, regardless of how I described it – because your experience of it would be unique to you.

I had been so busy developing Walk Innovation that I had not remembered to share it. It took me to lose months of work to focus fully on the task at hand. I now feel liberated by the chance to focus on one thing at a time. My lesson has been to pay attention.

Somethimes it takes something shocking to remind me what is important in life. As a nurse I had many such shocking experience. Plenty of death was involved but also plenty of hope. The fact that I am alive and feeling in good shape is the most important thing in my life. By realising this I can love my life. You can do the same, more often.

I will love life better when others benefit from what I know. The fastest way to share this is to teach you and let you spread the happiness that it brings. I invite you to join me walking. details of events can be found on the dates and venues page.

I am grateful for all events in my life, especially the more challenging things that allow me to learn and grow. Life is unpredictable for most. Life can end in a moment. Use every moment wisely and amazing things will happen.

If you have any events that you are not yet grateful for in your life then this process will certainly help.

I hope that you can join me sometime soon.

When you do what you love to do all challenges can be overcome. I have realised that I have wonderful friends and family and I would like to thank you all.

If you feel that Walk Innovation could be good for someone you know then please help me to spread the word. For those who I have met and those I’m about to meet, I thank you all for investing your time in reading this invitation.

Wishing you much love and a most wonderful moment. And many more,

Adam :-)

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