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What You Resist Persists!

Are you developing family traits that you do not like?

Years of NHS training told me that our genes dictate the dis-eases that we are prone towards. Consequently children spend years worrying that they may get a certain dis-ease.

Since we get what we focus on there is no wonder that some people get the same problems as their parents. Blame causes resistance and resistance causes focus on a problem. A pattern is then put in place.

This is when people stop listening to their heart – and feel bad.

I have spoken to so many people with serious illness blame parents for their afflictions. Unfortunately, they probably blamed their parents for their dis-ease’s, who blamed their parents etc, etc. Where did the pattern begin?

And where will it end?

What if you spent all of your time focusing on what you wanted? How about focusing on what does work, what you do well and what makes YOU FEEL GOOD?

I have found that this is a good place to start. If you are not feeling good then maybe it’s time to stop resisting and think about changing. Because all change starts with a thought.

What do you think?

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