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Over the years I have entered many discussions, some very heated, about whether I should vote or not.

Personally, I have never felt sufficiently motivated to put my vote behind anyone. Since the green party did not run in my area and everyone else failed to inspire me I have just sat back and let things unfold without my input.

Voting may well be a right. I would also say that the right not to vote is equally important. The percentage of non-voters is the motivation for any new party to evolve and make the planet a safer, more sustainable place.

As I sat in my front room the other night, and it was fairly cold outside, the bell rang and I was greeted by a smiling Sandy Walkington, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for St Albans Constituency. He was canvassing in the area and asked whether I would be voting.

Being a fairly curious and usually sociable individual I invited Sandy in for a hot drink. He said that he would call back later and indeed he did. After about and hour Sandy called back and we had a herbal tea and a chat.

In a relatively short time I found out that he went into politics after being in Berlin just before the wall came down and was moved to have an impact on the world through politics. He ran in St Albans back in 1983, getting more votes than Margaret Thatcher did in her constituency, yet did not get enough votes to seal the seat.

Sandy has a passion for walking and a genuine desire to promote green and planetary issues. However, all this aside, what he did really well was listen. Listening is a core communication skill and he did it well. I told Sandy about Walk Innovation and it appeared in alignment with what he loves. The reason that he loves canvassing is that it gets him out walking.

So, what was the upshot? Sandy left the house after about an hour with at least one more vote having inspired me sufficiently to make my first trip to a polling booth ever.

If I am honest, I have little idea what the Liberal Democrats stand for but I get a very good sense for what Sandy stands for and pending any future surprises I will be supporting him. After all, how else would a Walk Innovator vote than for Walkington?


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