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The Day I Was Burgled

I had never been burgled before.

When I returned home earlier I walked in to find the back door of the house had been kicked through and was broken in half. It came as a surprise. What does one do in such situations? Glass and wood debris lay in the house and out. The mangled lower half of the door was hanging by the hinge.

I have had many more pleasant experiences in my time.

A few hours later I had a door in place and a great deal of gratitude for what has just happened. Although the assailants had broken the back door they had largely left the house alone. The contents of one of the draws had been emptied onto the bed and a small amount of money had been taken. Amongst the contents on the bed were a few envelopes of gratitude notes that I keep. I hadn’t read them in a while. The burglar(s) had chosen to target the one draw where I keep my gratitude notes. Was this just chance? I think not.

In reading these notes of gratitude I lit up.

The amount of inconvenience caused was soon overturned by the words that I read. With each note I felt a warmth and realised that I have been touched by many friends and family. To all of you who have taught me so much, I thank you all dearly. The love and spirit that I have felt in your words and deeds have resonated deeply within.

In the past few hours I have become grateful for my health, my friends and family. In light of what I have in my life I am lucky. I have met some of my neighbours for the first time and reconnected with many of you in the past few hours as I read the notes and remembered the things that have been said to me.

I could have focused on what wasn’t good as I walked in earlier.

I have just finished an eight day run of seminars. During this run I had a few opportunities to energise myself through energising others. I have even had the opportunity to work with Brian Tracy, his wife, Barbara and business partner, Ib in a wonderfully serendipitous turn of events. They are all special people. When you connect with the intent to serve incredible things happen. Working with energy happens to all of us every day.

Everything is energy.

This mantra was said repeatedly at the seminar that I have just finished attending. It is something that I have known for a while. Every movement, action, thought, feeling and emotion has energy. This energy is magnetic. Everything in my reality has been attracted to me by my thoughts. During my many years as a nurse I learned to help people and get paid. Admittedly, it was no great wage but it allowed me a lifestyle that saw me spend over 6 years travelling the world outside of England.

Do you believe that everything that you believe is true?

Whatever I believe is true but only for me. I have no interest in changing the beliefs of others who do not want to have their beliefs changed. Because my beliefs are energetic they will attract that reality into my life.

I believed that it was my duty to serve, unconditionally

This is good. It has allowed me to connect with many great people. However, I had not been allowing myself to receive. This was not a conscious decision, it was buried deep within the realms of my unconscious mind. This condition had manifested in my life as a less than abundant flow of money. Having any money stolen at the moment is a significant message from the universe.

There was a big message for me

As burglaries go this was good. Aside from the door they only took a few pounds from my upstairs draw. They even left me most of the money. My wardrobe had been opened and everything appeared to be present. I had taken the 2 most valuable items I own, my laptop and video camera, out of the house by sheer luck. If they had been stolen it would have been most inconvenient – but they weren’t. It was a most benevolent theft – only targeting my gratitude draw – and leaving the most valuable contents.

The house was otherwise intact

They could have ransacked everything and found much more of value to me. Fortunately, the things of most value were left on the bed, even some money was left on the bed. The notes that I have collected are priceless to me. Each one reminded me what a great network of friends and family that I have.

What did I gain?

I got to reconnect with many of you by thinking about the many great things that have happened to me in my life this year and consider the wonderful friends that I have. You have all touched me in a way that has allowed me to find the gift in this situation quickly and I am currently feeling filled with gratitude. A big thank you goes to Mike, the man who came to the house late last night at point blank notice to piece the door back together. Also to Vanessa and Wayne, my sister and brother-in-law, who found someone else in the late hours of yesterday to help out in case Mike couldn’t make it.

People rallied to help.

Without this incident I would not have had the opportunity to meet my neighbours and would probably not have spent so long feeling grateful in the early hours this morning. Today I woke up smiling.

Thank you for being in my life.

If you are reading this then you have touched my life and I thank you for being the phenomenal being that you are and for being you.

Carlsberg don’t do burglaries but if they did…..

This moment is a good one and I look forward to many more. May your day be blessed with similar realisations.

I wish you love, luck and gratitude and extend my warmest wishes for having you in my life,

Adam ☺

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  1. Hi Adam
    I feel that they saw your gratitude notes and maybe even read one or two. This may have even been unconscious, as the mind can take in a great deal of information, and this is why they left some money and left the house. Maybe they realised that what they really needed was not material and was what you have great fiends and family and gratitude.

    Love and light Fiona

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