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Walk Innovator Wobbles But He Doesn’t Fall Down!

Life certainly has a laughable habit of leaving questions unanswered for years. Indeed they usually get forgotten until the answer finally pops up years later!

As a young lad my Grandad used to walk behind me and randomly trip me up. This gave him much amusement and me a few bruises along the way. Indeed, in today’s climate of political correctness and rules gone mad, he may well have ended up in trouble!

Despite his penchant for practical jokes at my expense that gave him much amusement, he was always very good to me and I loved him dearly. I also, over time, became very good at adjusting my body to unexpected trips. That is not to say that I don’t fall occasionally!

Last night I found myself at a country club, in the relative wilderness, when the snow decided to come down very fast and turn things very slippery and treacherous in just a few hours. When we finally left it was time for a very slow trip home on some very slippery paths.

Fortunately, my friend managed to get me almost home before I opted to walk up the final hill, not wishing him to get stuck, as happened with a few cars as I walked up it. I decided to push one out of a slippery spot and watched people fall over all around me.

On a few occasions my feet slipped on slippery patches, catching me off-guard. However, I managed to compose myself quickly and avoid some potentially nasty falls. When I finally arrived in I sat down and contemplated the gift that my Grandad gave me.

It may have taken the best part of 30 years to unlock the true gift that he gave me, preparing me from a young age for such freak weather conditions! I have been smiling all day as I remember my training all those years ago that prepared me so well for last night. I am feeling very grateful since getting in last night and loving the quirky sense of humour that life serves up on such occasions.

I dedicate this entry to the memory of my grandad, who I loved very dearly when he was alive – and even more so after my penny drop moment last night. Thank you Grandad :-)

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