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Active Energy System
The Active Energy System is a step by step guide to reducing your risk of a heart attack in an easy to use, time-effective, cost-effective way. Over 18 years of study and £100,000.00 have been invested into discovering ways that can slow down or even stop the symptoms of Coronary Heart Disease. For more information, click on the product thumbnail.

This product includes:

Part 1 – Active Energy System (AES) Ebook (259 pages) Value: $10
Part 2 – Active Energy System Audio X 3 (zipped) Value $241
Part 3 – Access to a 15 step video e-course Value $147



Energetic Massage
Energetic Massage
How would you like a massage right now? This product allows you to focus your mind and energy to give your body a complete massage, energising, relaxing and revitalising your body and mind from the inside out. Pay one price and have a relaxing massage whenever you want, for the rest of your life. Backed up with advanced sound healing frequencies of sound channel, Ashera Hart, this product is guaranteed to make you feel better both consciously and unconsciously.