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Nostalgia at Duxford Air Museum

I recently joined my dad for a trip to Duxford Air Museum, where I finally saw a Lancaster bomber – the plane my grandad navigated during World War II. He flew 35 missions at night over enemy territory and was attacked on numerous occasions by enemy fighters, which were better armed, faster and more manoeuvrable than his plane. Furthermore, after the first mission they did not even fire back as they realised that the best defence they had was keeping their cover in the dark.

He won the Distinguished Flying Cross for his bravery under fire and once escaped despite being attacked six times on one mission by enemy fighters.

His life and stories were a constant source of inspiration to me and he was a very calming influence on me. It is an honour to have had such a wonderful role model in my life and my day out at Duxford was a very emotional one for me. I dedicate this post to David Shaw – a true hero.

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