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My Summer Soulstice

What do you do to feel energised and truly alive?

Running your own business can lead to excessive time spent on the phone and computer. This is what I have found recently. Then I noticed that my energy was slowly draining. It was time for me to take positive action.

During the past week I have dropped out of the world of technology. I have kept my phone calls and internet activity to less than 1 hour a day.

This period coincides with me doing more walking, having more fun and spending quality time with quality people. I have simultaneously been outside with a video camera filming new footage for the Walk Innovation website.

Because of the longer daylight hours I have been out walking late in the evening in my local Verulamium park, in St Albans. The warm evenings, abundant wildlife and natural setting have left me feeling massively grateful and wonderfully energised.

Having spent many years traveling the world and experiencing many different places, cultures and climates I can honestly say that being in the UK for the longer daylight hours is one of the most special experiences of my life.

I may have dipped out of my technological reality for a while but I am now more energised and ready to interact with the world around me. Whilst I will still be shying away from e-mails and restricting my time on the phone, I am ready to share the delights of Walk Innovation and the extra energy that it brings with the community.

From now on I shall be less active on-line and more active physically.

Only through looking after our body will we truly experience states of mind that allow us to love life. This is the essence of Walk Innovation and my commitment to myself.

What will you commit to do yourself that will allow you to feel better and more energised?

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