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Midnight Arrived and I became a Woman!

At midnight today I donned a dress, make-up and a wig and joined about a thousand others for a 10 mile walk around St Albans for the local hospice, Grove House. The full moon and warm evening added to an already great event. Men were allowed to join as long as they got into the spirit. After all, it was a women’s walk.

Grove House provides a fantastic service to the community and has particular poignance to me as they looked after my grandad during his final weeks with cancer a few years ago.

What worked really well was the fun and spirit that was apparent from the very start to the end. One other chap even dared to walk in high heels, getting over half way before conceding his heels to pain and impracticality. His good humour was noted and I witnessed him give plenty of people reason to smile.

To see a community galvanised into action for such a good cause is testament to the spirit that can be generated when people unite with a common cause. I have never had so many compliments in one night as I did during the event!

Dressing up as a woman may be well outside of the comfort zone of many men. Only through doing it and gauging the responses of others who have a similar mindset will you ever know why it is a good idea every now and then. I spent the whole event smiling, laughing and raising my energy through the Walk Innovation techniques that I practice.

Right now I am still smiling at the events I witnessed, reactions that I met and people that I walked with. Events that bring together communities and make people smile are a gift to be taken whenever possible. I am very grateful to my friend Sabra who organised this and talked me into joining in the fun. Thanks Sabra.

Today I will be going out for another event that brings communities, indeed countries together – the World Cup! Come on England!

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3 Responses to “Midnight Arrived and I became a Woman!”

  1. Caroline says:

    It was a fantastic evening wasn’t it? My legs may not be reminding me anymore that I did in fact walk 10 miles in the middle of the night but I am still buzzing from the whole experience. Thank you for accompanying us ladies at the start of the walk, by the way you looked gorgeous in your dress! Can’t wait till next year :-)

  2. adam says:

    Thanks Caroline, It was a pleasure walking with you. I had a fantastic time. Until the next one, have loads of fun :-)

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