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Life as the Fall Guy!

Every year for the past few years I meet up with some friends, some that I grew up with and have known all of my life, and play in a veterans 6-a-side football tournament. It is a family day out and a bit of fun for our team.

Rarely have we ever threatened to win the tournament but we usually hold our own. This Saturday, in searing heat we entered feeling that we could do quite well.

We lost a close run first game, 3-2, to the eventual winners of the tournament. During this game I covered plenty of ground, made plenty of challenges and even scored a penalty. The past 3 competitive penalties that I had taken were missed. That was over 10 years ago. When I stepped forward and put the ball in the net I exorcised a few skeletons and felt good about it.

During the subsequent 3 games we lost 2 more and drew 2. we played well in all games and they were all close-run encounters. It was just not our day.

Having finished bottom of our group we played the team at the bottom of the other group in a last place play-off. Since it was a golden goal rule, the first to score would condemn the other team to the dubious mantle of worst team in the tournament.

Imagine my surprise when the man that I was marking managed to get goal side of me and put the ball into the net!

This one second of unawareness led to an evening of remarks towards me that were less than supportive! It’s fair to say that all other actions by me that day were instantly forgotten and I will be remembered for many years as the man who caused his team to finish last.

Whilst most of the comments were nothing more than friendly banter it did make me think about those in the World Cup who make mistakes that cost their team. Let’s take Arjen Robben who missed a clear cut chance to win Holland the World Cup. How will he be feeling today?

Whilst my situation is nowhere close to that of Arjen Robben I know how it feels to know that I made a mistake that cost my team. It is how I respond that counts.

I will respond by getting fitter and more focussed in both my football and my business. Some people bounce and others are haunted by the past. I choose to bounce.

Walk Innovation is ready to grow and I play football again tomorrow night, where I’m sure to hear all about my moment on Saturday.

Taking responsibility for ones actions and mistakes is the first step towards getting results. On Saturday I took my eye of my man and it cost my team. Today I am firmly focused on the task at hand – learning and growing in the process.

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