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Knowing What’s Truly Important

This week has provided me with a few challenges.

I lost months of work in one fell swoop when my computer crashed. Having not backed up my system this meant that I lost all of my music, videos, photos, products, e-books and documents. This constituted several thousand hours of work and memories saved onto my hard drive.

Apart from the loss of my work came the added expense of replacing my computer. This served as a hard hit initially. It is fair to say that it took a few days to fully process the learnings of this.

Then I had my epiphany….

All of my life I have had great ideas and been good at carrying them out to about 80% of completion before a much better idea comes along and shifts my attention in another direction. Although I had completed some projects, many were left incomplete.

Incomplete things drain energy and with so many incomplete projects I had not appreciated how this had been holding me back.

By losing all this work I freed up my energy.

Now I am able to assimilate the lessons of this episode and focus on one task at a time. It is a core learning and has enabled me to have more focus, flow and certainty in all that I do. Every challenge in life bears gifts that can be uncovered when we look for them.

What gifts are you ready to uncover?

Whatever challenge that you face at the moment there is a gift waiting for you. By asking the question “What gift does this situation bear that I haven’t yet discovered?” regularly, you will start to see every challenge as a gift.

This may not occur instantly but it will occur by holding the faith and asking the question continually.

I may have lost many things in the past few weeks, yet I have gained so much more.

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