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Because action always speaks louder than words.

How it Works

Here is how it works…

Are you dying or living?

This may sound like a ridiculous question to ask since you are alive enough to read this. However, after spending much time working with and talking to people who have had serious illness, some patterns started to emerge.

People who develop symptoms of illness, especially with their heart, have spent many years more dead than alive through their inability to manage their energy field. This continuous drain of energy over time leads to inevitable ill health. Since most of us never receive training on energy management, this is no surprise.

Symptoms include sustained negative thinking, anger, fear, apathy, blame and self-pity.

Energy is living

Life is all about energy. The more you have, the better life is.

If living is your choice then Walk Innovation will show you how to harness energy, increasing your confidence, focus and joy of life.

Your body is a field of energy

If you have ever felt yourself feeling less than energised before then you know the consequences of not looking after your own energy.

Walk Innovation shows you how to manage your energy so that you can be happier and feel more energised, more of the time.

Everything is Energy

One day you will cease to live.

This is the only guarantee that life offers you.

What then?

That is your future

This may sound a small bit out of alignment with our philosophy of looking on the brighter side of life; though it is the only guarantee you have. Everything else in your future is up to you.

At Walk Innovation we only believe in the here and now. We keep things simple and fun because every moment that we are breathing is worth living for. Happiness is our goal.

You have the power of choice

Leave us your name and e-mail, in the box on this page and you can have our weekly e-course that will show you how to do this for free.

Whatever you believe now, will dictate your life. At Walk Innovation we have considered the future and always seek to learn from, and let go of the past.

There is only the here and now.

You are invited to learn a system that can show you how to:

- raise your energy by being aware of it, through walking

- use every step you take to feel better and be happier

- understand how to energise your body and mind

- join a community of people dedicated to energy and fun

Only a few will remember how you died if you never really lived.

At Walk Innovation we are choosing to live.

We invite you to as well. Life is for living and energy is for life.

Your name and e-mail is safe with us. It will not be shared with anyone, without your consent. Easy links on each of our e-mails to you enable maximum convenience for minimum time.

That’s it, but incase you want more….

There are two aspects to Walk Innovation: Individual innovation, which you will get for free by taking our free e-course, and group innovation, which is a great learning and networking experience. The individual process is yours to discover now. Just leave your name and e-mail at the top, right hand side of this page.

Walk Innovation for groups….

Walk InnovationTM was developed to fit in with life, rather than have life fit in with it. Exercise classes, gym memberships or activity commitments all involve structuring your life around them. Walk Innovation fits in with you – every time you walk if you want it to. Walk InnovationTM has been designed to synthesise the core essence of many systems of energy, health and wellbeing. Amazingly, the process is very simple and fun. To put what we do in a nutshell:

We Walk

Walking is not only good for your body, it’s even better for your mind. According to the US Dept of Health and the British Heart Foundation walking can:

  • Reduce the risk of Coronary Heart Disease and Strokes

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Reduce cholesterol

  • Reduce weight

  • Reduce risk of non-insulin dependent diabetes

  • Improve physical and mental wellbeing

  • Increase bone density – reducing risk of osteoporosis

And because walking is a bi-lateral therapy (it uses both sides of the brain), you are able to think and reason far more effectively, resolving challenges in your life

We Talk/Think about positive things.

Unfortunately, the world today, through media sources, has become very problem-driven. Walk Innovation is about focusing on things that work. By talking or thinking about more positive things, life becomes more positive, rippling into everything that you do, say or think. This affects everyone who you come into contact with.

We run walkshops that allow you to go walking with people to give you a new perspective on life. We also have mp3 audio downloads so that you can walk wherever and whenever you want, getting all of the benefits of this wonderfully positive system.

We Listen and Observe.

Because that’s how you learn. A study has found that 82% of people prefer to speak to great listeners, not great speakers. Listening is an art and the more you develop your listening skills, the more you learn and the better your life becomes. The Walk Innovation process teaches you to listen more effectively so you gain the maximum benefit when you communicate with other people – both within the Walk Innovation process and in your daily life.

We Help Each Other.

Yes, you really will instantly learn to walk your talk too, and by helping each other, you also get to meet fun people. It’s an amazing experience with a lifetime of benefits.

We Laugh.

Because when you’re laughing- you’re learning! Scientific experiments have proven that when you laugh and have fun, you can learn much more effectively. In addition, every time you smile – even a false smile will release a natural substance called serotonin into your system. This is your body’s natural, feel-good drug. The only side-effects are positive. Through conducting our Walk Innovation events with a sense of humour – we get better results.

And in a little more detail…

Each Walk InnovationTM walkshop with us currently lasts for approximately two to three hours. The session starts with an introduction to the Walk Innovation techniques, how they work and what you can expect to achieve as a result of being with us. Following the introduction there is a talk on a particular aspect of the Walk Innovation process. A different topic is covered at each session. So the more often you attend, the more you learn about yourself and how you can achieve whatever you want from life. But please don’t think you have to attend every session. If you can – that’s great. If you cannot, it’s a rolling program. And if you only come once – you’ll still get so much out of it.

After the introductory session , we break into smaller groups and go for a walk for approximately one and a half hours. We talk, we listen, we ask questions, and we learn to use walking to energise your body. It’s an extraordinary process combining left brain and right brain thinking and associating words with action. That’s much simpler than it sounds and there’s more information in our newsletter and in the introduction to each session.

When our walk is complete, we return to base and those who choose to do so, share what they have learned from the walkshop. You will learn as much, if not more, by just listening to others.

Walk Innovation is an experience. It’s a little like going to a great movie and then trying to tell someone else why they should see it too.

We Show You How to Harness Your Body’s Natural Energy and Feel Better.

Your body is like a fountain of energy. Through this process you will discover how to increase your flow and feel better as you energise your body. Like a dynamo – you need to connect it for it to work. We show you how to make that connection so that you can feel better everytime you walk.

Our audio downloads enable you to start this unique process right now. For those who cannot walk the same downloads can be used as a visualisation and will still energise your body. So, if you are feeling active or not – you can still win with Walk Innovation.

The only way to really appreciate how Walk InnovationTM can get you to where you want to be is to experience it! So book your places right away or contact us to arrange a walkshop near you.

Hear Adam interviewed about Walk Innovation here

Who is Walk InnovationTM appropriate for?

The simple answer is – ‘everyone’. ┬áNo matter your position in life, whether you are working, running your own business, between jobs, retired, a home maker . If you want to get a great deal more out of life, Walk Innovation is for you.

Also, it works great with children. Walk Innovation is a great way for families to bond and children to learn this essential life practice.

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