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Going it Alone vs Asking for Help

Do you like to go it alone, or could you use a little help occasionally?

Everyone needs a little help every now and again. I am certainly no exception to this.

When I set out to create some new Mp3 downloadable products and write my book on the first 15 steps of the Walk Innovation process I needed help to find out if they hit the spot.

I wrote to my database and asked for some volunteers to help me with product testing and proof reading.

I have to say that I have been bowled over by the response.

A number of you volunteered to give me feedback and it has been phenomenal.

So many changes have been made in alignment with the feedback that I have received and I have a really good feeling about the book based on initial feedback.

The lesson for me is that for so many years as a nurse I was great at helping others but not particularly good at asking for help for me.

This dynamic is changing and it feels great. What I am realising is that there are plenty of people out there who are happy to help me and getting value from the content of my products – in exchange for their time in testing them. I will also be forwarding the new, amended products to all those who helped to create them.

This is a win-win situation and has left me feeling energised, focused and extremely grateful.

To everyone who has helped me on this journey – A huge thank you goes out to you.

For anyone reading this who has hit a stuck space – ask yourself, “Who could I ask for help?”

Then ask and watch your life improve. People can only say no and for every no there is sure to be a yes. Keep asking, keep believing and keep heading towards your goals.

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