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Free Hugs

On Friday I joined my friends at the Stress Management Society for World Mental Heath day. Here we spent the day giving out free hugs and promoting our services to relax, unwind and be happier with life.

During the day our efforts were met with a variety of responses. One woman was very vocal in her disapproval of our methods – resisting the notion of giving hugs away to promote anti-stress services!

Whilst it is clear that not everyone understands the inherent need for tactile contact that we all have, some people fully understand it. I hugged many people on Friday. Perhaps the most memorable moment came from an old lady. She came up to me and told me that she had not been hugged since the death of her husband, three years ago. 

The experience had her and I in tears. It’s moments like these that make all things non-positive fade into insignificance. Not everyone will get the concept of giving hugs for free but those who do make it all worth while.

Life is wonderful when we look to inspire, serve and be happy. Let this be the mantra of Walk Innovation.

Love and hugs to you all.

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