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Do Something Different

Did you ever have a day where you were so in your own head that you missed what happened around you?

In a deep state of meditation this is a good thing. In daily life it isn’t.

Awareness is a good thing and so is listening occasionally. When we listen we understand more.

As I walked through my home city of St Albans at 4am earlier I walked through an empty, quiet city. Not the bustling, busy city where traffic is constantly running and the streets are brimming with noise. It was quiet of human activity but very vocal from the birds. Their singing was all around and grounded me into the moment.

As I listened to the birds and walked through the streets I saw a row of 4 green traffic lights. I’m guessing that 4 green lights and a total absence of traffic is not a sight that many drivers would associate with an artery into the centre of the city. I felt truly blessed to witness a side to St Albans that I never dreamed I’d see, hear or feel.

By doing something different I have learned to notice the bids sing and experience the place I live in a different light. Life is good when you dare to be different and look for the things that make you happy.

What makes you happy? Ask yourself this and how you could do it more often. I have found this to be a most beneficial question to ponder.

A big smile to all of you :-)

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