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Discovering New Parts of St Albans

It never ceases to amaze me how Walk Innovation unfolds. Last Sunday I went out walking and discovered a wonderful part of St Albans that I had not seen before. Since I love going out in nature I thought that I’d discovered all of the local areas that ticked all of the boxes for me. However, I was soon led to a park that I never knew existed.

This leads to the question “Where else in my life have I been missing out by staying in my comfort zone?” I can certainly tell you that it has led to some big realisations. 

I now know that there are many opportunities that are available to me that I have not been noticing. By doing the same thing repeated times and getting the same result it makes sense to change direction if it isn’t working out. Walk Innovation has been attracting only small groups so far but there are many different ways that I have been ignoring to attract people along.

The fact remains that Walk Innovation works, it is healthy, fun and connects communities together means that it should be easy to promote. However, I have not been promoting it in the right places. That is all about to change – as a result of walking a different path. I love walking my talk.

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