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A Technique to Help You Get More Motivation, Focus and Health

Welcome to Walk Innovation’s Active Energy System – Step 2: A technique to help you get more motivation, focus and health.

Step 2: Grounding…

“Grounding is to working with energy what water is to a swimming pool.”

Adam Shaw

Here is a bit more information if you have the time…

Once you have made the first step, the most important one of all, it’s time for the second most important step…..

Grounding is essential when working with energy as it connects you to the energy of the earth. If this doesn’t mean anything to you yet then I ask you to trust this process and be curious.

It only takes a second to do this and can be done anytime at anyplace.

Have fun walking now that you are properly grounded,


P.s Next week’s step can allow you to get more of what you do want and less of what you don’t.

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