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A sleeping product I’ve reviewed and recommend….

Being in the world of health and wellbeing I come into contact with many other professionals with different areas of expertise. After talking with Johneal Rouse I decided to test his new Natural Night Sleep Program.

I have a confession to make. I took this program for review a few weeks ago with the intent of testing it quickly and giving some instant feedback. I listened to it for a few nights but never seemed to make it to the end, before falling asleep. Whilst I am generally a good sleeper I can certainly say that it is a very relaxing audio and the soundtrack is very well chosen. He has a very relaxing tone and took me to a nicely relaxing place.

It is clear that Johneal is very professional and has delivered a quality product. Furthermore, his bonus products are also well worth looking at. After reading his Abundant Energy Practices I picked up many useful hints and tips. Johneal has a broad array of knowledge within the fields of health and wellbeing.

If you are experiencing anything less than perfect sleep then this product will certainly help. It comes with my full endorsement.

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