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A Beautiful Day

Every now and then a day comes along that is so beautiful that it restores all faith in life. Have you ever had a day like that? A day that is so wonderfully serendipitous that it feels almost magical. I have just had one such day.

After a few months where I had decided to struggle with my business I finally realised that something had to change. The best thing to change upon discovering this realisation is me. I could either make excuses or learn from and change the way I think.

In order to change what you think, the first step is the awareness that it needs to happen. My awareness changed when I realised that I had been giving more than I was receiving. The decision not to receive was unconscious, based on programming that I had taken on board from an early age.

Because I knew no better it seemed like a good thing to do. Fortunately, I am now aware of how everything in my life is a direct result of my mind and how I choose to use it. I am also fortunate enough to have learned a varied mix of techniques to do this.

Much of my life has been spent listening to problems. I became a most proficient listener and placater. Because of this I had gravitated towards negativity and lacklustre results in certain areas of my life. This can happen when we make other people’s lives more important than our own. Admittedly, as a nurse, this was what I was paid to do.

When I had that awareness I left nursing. That was a beautiful day.

By finding my own solutions first I am much better at helping others to do the same. Today I spent looking after me.

After blatantly disregarding a golden rule that I have come to know well over the years, I woke up slightly late in the day, feeling slightly rough. I had been out for a few drinks on an empty stomach last night. This is not generally a good idea.

A few pints of water and a shower was enough to ease me gently into the day. A few hours of checking e-mails then preceded a 3 hour walk with my friend Mike. The sun was shining and I donned my first pair of shorts to go out in this year aside from playing football.

During our walk I was able to talk Mike through the basics of Walk INnovation. We then proceeded to stroll through our local park, past the lake and witness many people out and enjoying the sun. We also found a new path that took us to areas that we didn’t even know existed.

Every path that I did not know, involving walking into nature, I took. Being grounded and appreciating nature are just two aspects of what makes Walk INnovation so magical. It is possible to energise your body and mind every time you walk.

After 3 hours we returned home energised, feeling great and having had many insights into how to take our lives and businesses forward. This evening we relaxed back and watched a couple of films and then I went outside to look at the stars.

I have always been fascinated with the stars and have learned one or two constellations over the years. Connecting stars is fun for me. As I stared at the stars tonight I realised that there are other areas that connecting stars could also be fun, and highly advantageous to all involved.

I realise that I have a great network of friends and know some wonderful people. Each one is a star in their own right. Now it is time to learn astrology for people. By connecting stars it is possible to create our own constellations and plan a new map for our planet and our universe.

Walking is a gift to yourself. It energises your body and can energise your mind when your focus is positive. Today I invested in myself and took 3 hours to go walking. The weather was fantastic, the company was wonderful and the feeling is amazing.

Walk INnovation is an investment in myself. Now that I know it I can use it every time I walk. I now know the true benefit of what I teach and am sure that it will help many others. More importantly, it will help me. When I put myself first I will have more energy to give.

The new win-win mindset that I am adopting is sure to connect many stars, generate masses of energy and make me feel fantastic more of the time. It is currently 3.23 am and I am still feeling very energised and congruent with Walk INnovation.

You can create your own beautiful day by focusing on what makes you feel better. If you decide to do this while you walk it will be more beneficial. Walk your talk, walk your thoughts and your life will improve – because walking is good for your body. When your body feels good it is easier for the mind to do the same.

I wish you all a beautiful day and thank you for taking the time to share my musings on the subject.

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